Accidents can
be prevented

With our patented luminous products, you ensure that your company's employees are visible 360 ​​degrees.

Every second

Cutting-edge technology combines LED light and reflective material. Makes you six times more visible.

What is it?

Cutting-edge technology that combines light and reflective material

Our products have an in-house developed rechargeable power supply and LED lights based on the latest LED technology. The device provides light for > 10 hours and has four indicators that show how much power you have left. We have developed products with a homogeneous light of low intensity, which does not dazzle and can be observed from a long distance. This ensures good visibility and creates a safer environment for everyone in the dark.

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Studies show

Motorist driving 50 km/h
with dipped beam will detect people with

A motorist driving 50 km/h with dipped beam will detect people

How it works

Important seconds
that saves lifes

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