Light that can save lives

With our products you secure yourself and those you love

Cutting-edge technology that combines light and reflective material. Light with 360° visibility that makes you six times more visible compared when you only use reflective material in the dark.

Visible in the dark

“The Groseth family wants everyone to be seen in the dark and has revolutionized the reflective vest»

Approved for use

“It’s fantastic that there is innovation in this field. We applaud the fact that there will be better visibility and safety for pedestrians”


Cuttng-edge technology

Our products have an in-house developed rechargeable power supply and LED lights based on the latest LED technology. The device provides light for > 10 hours and has four indicators that show how much power you have left. We have developed products with a homogeneous light of low intensity, which does not dazzle and can be observed from a long distance. This ensures good visibility and creates a safer environment for everyone in the dark.

Power supply

Reflective material



How it works

Important seconds
that saves lifes

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Studies show

A motorist driving 50 km/h with dipped beam will detect people